Raising Energy

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One of the fastest, easiest, and most effective ways for raising energy is by repeatedly and sequentially tapping lightly on certain specific places on the face and body – while declaring out loud what is desired in positive present tense statements that help direct both our conscious and unconscious attention to aligning with and acting as if it is already so – thereby elevating our mood and increasing the frequency (rate) of our personal (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) vibration.

Tapping on various parts of the face and body is based upon stimulation of our energy meridians (similar to acupuncture). What probably matters more than unblocking, increasing, or balancing anything is our intention and the attention we focus upon whatever we desire to manifest in the process of creating our lives and ourselves.

We attract what we think about most – intensely, frequently, and consistently.
~ Oren Pardes

If like attracts like and everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies, one way to attract or become what we wish is by raising energy to match and resonate with the frequency of whatever we most desire in our lives – including to feel a certain way.

Far more important than what anyone else may say to us is what we say to ourselves and believe. What we tell ourselves may or may not be “true”, but what we accept as so might as well be since it affects how and what we think, feel, act, react, and attract.

Confirmation and validation are a representation of the manifestation of our inspiration and aspiration through the repetition and reiteration of our thoughts with concentration.

Whether as affirmation, declaration, proclamation, exclamation, conversation, or simply self-talk, consider inviting, invoking, calling in, or otherwise stating a desired vibration.

What do you desire (to embody, represent, become, emit, transmit, or attract)?

Health? Wealth? Happiness? Love? Beauty? Success? Wisdom? Courage? Respect? Power? Status? Sex Appeal? Balance? Creativity? Inspiration? Enlightenment? Unity?

Sample (self-talk) statements:

I am the vibration of….
I vibrate….
I resonate…

I have the frequency of…
My energy is that of…
I embody…
I am (becoming more and more)…
I am a representative of….
I am the essence or epitomy of….
I enjoy…
I share…
I welcome….
I invite….
I invoke….
I emit….
I transmit…
I radiate…
I attract….
I receive….
I accept my…
I recognize my… (reflected in others/around me)
I acknowledge my (growing/increasing)….
I rejoice in….
I am grateful for….
I am thankful for my
I appreciate my….
I bless my….

We can also clear, cancel, void, revoke, rescind, return, or destroy anything we have created or attached ourselves to that disempowers us – and replace it with thoughts, feelings, and actions that do. What and how we think, feel, and do both reflects and projects who and what we are and can do on an fundamental energetic vibratory level.

We can also optimize our eating, sleeping, activity, environment, and who we are with.

“Right and wrong, good and bad, POC and POD, all 9, shorts, boys, and beyonds.”

Please share YOUR thoughts, ideas, and experience regarding raising energy and bringing out your best.

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