Optimism is a Choice

Posted in Uncategorized by Oren Pardes - Apr 1, 2013

To “OPT” is to choose. OPTimism is a choice – about how we see (the world around us). Seeing clearly is more than just OPTometry – for we see with our minds and not just what we have our eye on.

An ion is an atom or molecule with a positive or negative charge – as the result of gaining or losing an electron. The word “ion” means going in Greek. How and where we look and what we look for determines where we are going and what we get. Keep your eye on where you desire to go; choose OPTion(s) that will take you there; and gain and lose what you have to in order to become and stay positive.

To “POSIT” is to assume, assert, or affirm a position, perspective, or postulation. Both positive and negative have value – yet the POSITion that serves us best is the one we experience as POSITiLIVEly.


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