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Ever know, see, read or hear about someone with a lot of “nerve”? Want to know how to increase yours?

To have “nerve” is not the same as being “nervous”. Our nerves are what allow us to sense and to act – to perceive and achieve – if we do not act senselessly. Sensations are feelings. So are emotions. Emotions are literally energy in motion. They usually are the result of our thoughts and beliefs. To have nerve is to think and act in a way that may not always be “fearless” but is still unafraid to act.

As emotions increase, our ability to think clearly often decreases – in direct paradoxical proportion. Fear is the anticipation of pain. Sometimes the pain is real and the anticipation is appropriate – but not if it paralyzes us or keep us from doing what is needed and in our or others best interest. We can (learn to) channel and use surges in any kind of emotional energy for the benefit of ourselves and others.

6 Contributing Factors to NOT Being AFRAID:

Locus of control
Tolerance for uncertainty
Task focus

Responsibility is the ability to respond. FEAR need NOT result in a response to Fight, Flee, or Freeze. A “better” response is often to access and show our “nerve”.

The heart is a muscle. It can grow stronger with conditioning. Courage is literally the time of the heart. To encourage is to innervate the heart and stimulate courage. An edifice is a building. Great ability, acts, and accomplishments are built from smaller ones – over time. Edify yourself and others – with encouragement.

12 Suggestions for Reducing FEAR:

Expose yourself to your fears
Put your feelings into words
Train, practice, and prepare
Redirect your focus
Keep your eyes on a guiding principle
Mindfully disentangle from worries and anxious thoughts
Learn to accept uncertainty and lack of control
Open up to fear unconditionally
Reframe the situation
Joke around
Build faith in yourself

Faith is belief. A belief is simply a thought. Be aware of your thoughts. Choose those that empower you. Recognize, acknowledge, and release or reframe those that do not – add to your edification – and “nerve”.

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