Creating Our Lives and Ourselves

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Life is a story – we create and tell ourselves and others each day. History is, literally, “his story”; our lives are our stories, acted out.
We can have a whole new life by changing our mind rather than our life.

We probably perceive less than 1% of “reality” – and fill in the rest from memory and imagination. Our minds literally create our reality – from what we think about, and what we are capable of perceiving. Perceiving or interpreting experience(s) from a different perspective can literally change our mind. Reality is what we make it – from what we pay attention to.

Perception is projection of what is within us more than what is outside us.
It is a reflection of ourselves. We see what we expect, or desire, or are.

The images we create in our mind are all we really ever see. Even more important than what we picture or see is how we frame it, what we tell ourselves and others it means, and how we (sub)consciously (re)act to it.

Context is more crucial than content with how more important than what.
Look inward. Shift from content to process. Focus on the ways you react.

Our consciousness is not limited to only our physical bodies and brains – yet our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, intentions, focus, and emphasis determine our possible perceptions and interpretations, and thus the quality and meaning of our lives, as well as our relationships with others.

If we can’t find God in the next person we meet, we need not look any further

Which station are you tuned into?
The energy you send out is what you get back.

What story is being lived?
Is it empowering and make us happy?
Is it how we desire to show up and be remembered?

Don’t focus on problems – just on the desire to be present.

What is a different perception?
What might be good?

People do the best they can with the information they have at the time.
In every experience there is a silver lining (or gold to be mined).
Look for it – as well as what to give (up) – to get more.

How would we act if that were true?
How would a great person act?

Imagine. Imagination is everything.
Think and act greater than the environment and conditions.
Believe in a desirable future and outcome – without evidence.

View everyone – including ourselves – as whole.
It doesn’t matter if parts are broken, dark, or dirty.
Find something positive worth moving toward.

What is the greatest expression of myself today?
What is Your Wish?

What else is possible?
What would it take for it to get even better?

Love is the act (and ultimate respect) of allowing others to be themselves.
Loving others as ourselves also includes loving ourselves as we do others.

Love expands intelligence.
Intelligence is the ability to make distinctions.

Each of us distinct – unique, special, sacred, holy.
So is each moment.

Be present in the moment.
Be here now.

Now is the time to love.
Love is all that matters.

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